September 2014

*Yet another disclaimer that I'm not a designer and I have a next-to-zero skill in art direction. 

Churning out next month's calendar just made me realize how quickly the year is coming to a close. Even with thoughts of Christmas carols and ornamented log cakes plaguing my mind whenever I think of how few months there are left to Christmas, it's hard to shake off the uneasiness in knowing that time past can never be recovered. But while browsing through my bloglovin feed this afternoon, I came across this: 
"contained within the idea that everything passes is the idea of eternal return. and so i celebrate the waning of summer; in its end is also the promise of its eternal return."
I think whoever/whatever it is that we believe in, it's always a comforting to know that your journey doesn't end even when you've reached the end of the road. In line with the Nietzchean school of thought that a finite number of events exists in an infinite space of time, it would mean that events will repeat themselves infinitely till the I see myself writing about the exact same thing with the exact same frame of mind but infinite years later in an infinitely different dimension. And I think existing with that thought makes me feel a whole lot better about experiencing the death of grandparents and pets and other things perishable.

I didn't really mean for this to sound so morbid and depressing but perhaps this was just what I need as a catharsis to the down-ness I've been feeling of late. (Received an audio message from my grandma and it scared me to think that even when she passes away, I'd still have that recording to remind me of her tender voice and broken Chinese that she speaks to me with).

Again with the abrupt end,

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