August Moments

Photos taken on Jeju Island, South Korea 

(Itching for another adventure away from the constraints of the city.) 


Making plans for the rest of the week! What I've got so far: Wednesday - Dinner with the girls whom I haven't seen for at least 3 years. Thursday - Films at the Fort; There's an outdoor movie screening at Fort Canning for the first 10 days of August and I'm gonna go catch A Touch of Sin (something that I can't get off the Internet, heh). Saturday - Cholesterol ridden morning from the amount of prawns I'm gonna eat after fishing for them. 
Watching people packing their things into boxes and getting ready for the move up to the 9th floor! I'm gonna miss the aquarium on the 8th, and the nice lady that drops in whenever I have my lunch in the ice cold pantry. 
Reading up on where I can travel to at the end of the year :-)
Playing alt-J's An Awesome Wave. My favorites from this album are "Dissolve Me" and "Taro". Check  out their album on Spotify
Obsessed with this Apple and Elderflower tea (by Teekanne) that I picked up from the pantry. It's amazingly fragrant and perfect for a sunny afternoon like today.
Enjoying the fact that I get to leave at 6:30pm on most nights. But a part of me also wishes that I had more important things to do or help out with 
Waiting anxiously for the weekends, as always. 
Loving the possibility of making short films for this blog. I've already begun conceptualizing and planning out some of the things I'd like to explore. It'll take some time for this to materialize because I prefer filming in the day and can only do it during the weekends so we'll see :-) 
Wearing the slackest of outfits: a cream colored tee + boyfriend jeans + knit cardigan. 
Following — my site of the month. Here I can track the latest news in advertising and get inspired by some of the neat ads listed there. Like this: Amaral Carvalho Hospital: Elo Teddy Bear 
Grateful for everything that has happened: the good the bad the pretty the ugly

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