n. of wind-down moments, cocktails, and lavender blooms
Ever since committing to the 9 to 5, I have been a lot more forward-looking towards the weekends. Especially Fridays.  Nothing big planned but I'll be meeting the girls for drinks in town and spending Sunday with the sister who just got home from a 6 week long stay in Budapest. 

Haven't really been updating as much as I'd want to the past two weeks. Still trying to find that balance between work and play and lately the scale has been tilting towards one end. Was pretty stressed out the past two days when I was asked to write copies for the agency, mainly because I felt incompetent and there was that lack of inspiration too. But all's good now. Managed to churn out some pretty decent work with the help of my mentor which I'm so grateful for because she puts words together so beautifully while making it seem effortless. 

Creativity-deficiency is a horrible thing to suffer from and I guess I'll also spend the weekend trying to look for motivation in my favorite magazines and books. 

Have a great weekend


  1. can you do a photoshop tutorial :)

    1. I'll do one when I have the time :-)
      Thanks for suggesting this!