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Firstly, many apologies for the delay! Was just swamped with things to do and then there was my commencement ceremony on Tuesday… I wrote this in bits and pieces so I apologise in advance if my post isn’t consistent in its ‘voice’ (I tend to have different ‘voices’ along the week depending on the type of writings that I’m exposed to; I hope that doesn’t make me seem too creepy in a multiple personality disorder sorta way).

Introduce briefly the person who referred this blog hop tour to you:
Eugenia’s a sweet girl I got to know back when I was in junior college. Her blog over at is one of the few beauty blogs I follow, mainly because I trust her reviews and like the way she styles herself. Click here to check her out!  

What am I working on? 
I officially graduated from university on the 8th of July and am currently working on figuring out my life post-academia. I’ve explored some of my options during the last lap of university through career fairs and open houses, and decided that I would want to venture into writing and more specifically, copywriting in the advertising industry. As such, I am currently a month into my 6 months internship at an agency that I hope will give focus to what I would want to pursue and continue to chase after for the rest of my life.
I’m also working on growing this space into one that can serve as a portfolio. Not just for future job applications, but also as a testimony to the way I have lived my life.

How does my work differ from others in its genre? 
Hmm I guess every blog is different because everyone’s different personalities are “personified” through their writing. How mine may be different from other’s could be how I’m so random with the things I write about that I sometimes have trouble fitting them into my present categories.

Why do I write what I do?
I’ve always felt that my blog was more of a journal than anything else. So why air my dirty laundry online for the public to see, you might ask? To start, my imagination is a lot more hardworking than my hands are (something about having a strong mind but a weak body…?). So the mere idea of hand-writing every single entry, printing out my photographs, and hand-painting the banners you see on my blog tire me out. So as you can imagine, I’m really not very good at arts and craft at all. The second and more important reason for blogging stems from how I was properly introduced to blogging. I’ve always had blogs and I’ve left my digital footprints on several platforms: blogspot à xanga à wordpress à livejournal à tumblr à blogspot. Previously my intentions of starting a blog were just to update people around me about what goes on/ is going on in my life because I was (and still am) terrible at replying texts. But after stumbling onto bloglovin’ during one of the lowest points of my young-adulthood, my entire perspective on blogging changed. Reading about others’ experiences and how they delt with sadness brought a sort of consolation to me, and as my way of giving back to the community, I would want to write to comfort others who need it as well :-) 

How does my writing process work? 
If you’ve noticed I’ve titled a couple of entries with a particular word and then I start my posts by defining that word. It could be a word that I’ve picked up along the week that inspired me, or a word in which I feel would sum up my blog post, etc.  Sometimes when I can’t think of a title, I’ll just title it something generic e.g. if I’m writing about Insadong, I’ll title it Insadong. I’m very random when it comes to writing and I don’t have a particular format in which I follow. It’s kind of a stream of consciousness style of writing where I just write whatever the voice in my head is saying. But I often begin my posts with the conclusion so that I won’t lose track of what I want to say with my wayward way of writing.

I'm passing this on to.....
Quan Mei, another lovely girl I met through junior college :-) She’s also got a little business running over at where she hand draws all these lovely tote bags! I shan’t spoil her designs for you so it’ll be better if you just chcked them out ;-)

P.S If any of you wanna hop onto the blog touring bandwagon, feel free to answer any of those questions in a post and leave your link in the comments :-*

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