n. the color of lemon slices in lemonade, the color I feel when I'm at the happiest; the color of Summer

Summer to me has always been special because of its associations with travel, iced lollies, and massive amounts of time to do whatever I want. At the start, summer seems like a never-ending break filled with never-ending possibilities and never-ending fun. It is only when we near the end that truth wakes us up with the overly used adage that all good things must come to an end. As such, me documenting about my Summer would be one way of buying time with this season, by tracking and keeping it alive even after the air around starts to cool and everyone slurs back into a humdrum routine.

I’ve always longed for the sound of cicadas, lemonade stands in the neighbourhood, day trips to the beach and midnight walks accompanied by a skyful of stars. All these expectations were set for me when I grew up reading books by English or American authors. And sometimes, they still persist in spite of my humid and cloudy reality. They say that days in the summer are the longest, but over where I live, daylight is the same 365 days a year. But I guess it is the amount of things that one can do with so much free time that makes days seem even longer than they really are, which also is why Summer has always been the season of infinite possibilities. I get inspired by the smallest things. And when there are many things for me to look at given the amount of free time there is, I am constantly overwhelmed by the lists I’ve set out to accomplish.

This Summer is slightly different because the life of an intern demands your hours from 9 to 6, six (hopefully by the next month, five) days a week. And though I don’t have much to do, unlike all my other co-workers, I’m usually tired out by the time my feet reach the doorstep. Be that as it may, the stubborness in me still maintains that I must have my time to do whatever I please. Completing my  ever-growing list of books to read, editing my trip photos, play catch-up with episodes of Once Upon A Time, spending more time experimenting in the kitchen… Speaking of which, I will be baking a batch of cupcakes tonight! My success in them will definitely be followed by pictures and words glorifying them. On the other hand, failure would mean that there will be no updates regarding the cupcakes :3 But like I mentioned, since Summer (to me) represents personal freedom and creativity, I shall be updating pretty often so watch this space!

Till then,

By the way, I've recently begun experimenting more with Photoshop/Illustrator ^ check out my latest summer-themed wallpaper ;-)


  1. what do you work as and how do you apply? You're a fresh grad too right? so hard to get a job!!!

    1. Get ready for a lengthy reply —

      What I work as:
      I’m currently working at an advertising firm as a creative intern (more specifically, doing proofreading and minor copywriting for the ads that go out) :-). I understand your concerns completely because I was in the same position a few months ago, heh. Was in a rush because I knew that I would be away for quite a while and I wanted to secure my dream internship first and go on a holiday with a peace of mind.
      Tips when applying for a job:
      *disclaimer that I’m no expert at this and that I just wanted to share with you on my experiences of being a tiny fish in this shark-infested ocean
      1) As with all job apps, you’ll have to submit your CV! So be sure that you have only the best information on it (no need for lengthy CVs; especially when we’re just fresh grads. keep everything succinct and get your point across) and if you can, submit it directly to the department you want to work in! Chances are if you go through those emails that they list on hiring websites, it’ll take forever to reach your desired department and you’ll be left hanging for weeks (or even months). So if you have a friend/relative already working in the company you want, get him/her to help you submit your CV! I got to know of my company through a career fair and was roped in to go for their office tour. It was during that tour that I got to know my potential colleagues and submitted my CV directly through them.
      2) If you have any work to show, compile them into a portfolio. I was involved in publicity and marketing in my Uni so I compiled the prints I did together with the writings on my blog and submitted them together with my CV!
      3) Send out as many job applications as you possibly can! Cast a wider net and you’ll rope in more fish (Y) And even if you do get called to come down for jobs that aren’t exactly your first choice, just go for the interviews to pick up some skills like knowing what kind of questions they’ll ask, how to answer them, etc.
      4) Speaking of interviews, be prepared for them! You’ve one chance to sell yourself so be cool, be confident, be clever.
      Ha ha yeah it’ll suck getting rejected or worse, ignored. But just keep trying and you’ll get the job you want ☺ All the best on your job hunt and let me know when you’ve gotten your first salary!

  2. thank you for your patience and lengthy reply :) not many would be so willing to share. so since you are in creatives, do you have to do posters and everything? i realise your cover photos for each of your blog posts are pretty. how do you normally get them done? do you get the backdrop off the internet or did everything yourself? And yes i will let you know when i get my first paycheck :)

    1. Hmm yes and no. A creative department itself involves various designations: Illustrator, DI (Digital Imaging) Artist, Designer, Copywriter, Art Director, FA (Finished Artwork) Artist. Depending on what the brief from the client is, only certain groups will be involved in the creative process. If it’s just a minor revision that requires small changes with the copy or layout, it’ll probably only involve the Copywriter and the FA artist. But when posters or banners need to be done from scratch, everyone will be roped in to work on the project.
      Thank you so much for the compliment! Yes they are all done by me: from taking the photos, selecting what quotes to use, choosing what colors should go on, editing the lighting and making adjustments to the colors on the visuals... I usually work with Photoshop because I suck at Illustrator (on how I get my cover photos done). I should probably brush up on my Illustrator skills though.
      I hope I answered your questions!
      and, you’re very welcome! Always so happy to get comments (one way of knowing that people actually do read what I write ha ha).

  3. are you under the copywriter team then? do you mind sharing in slightly greater detail as to what the jobscope of a copywriter entails?

    nice :) so for example, your this post, how did you do the yellow/orange and in your newer post, the green? it doesn't look like a photo :)

    1. Yes I am! There are about 5 people on my team (some are freelancers so I don’t really know how to count them in) and the Planners/Traffic will assign the writing to the Copywriter depending on the type of brief received. Since I’m only an intern I don’t get to handle a full copy on my own (unless it’s really simple) so I’m usually tagged together with a senior. Ha ha, I’ll try my best to, given my 3-weeks old knowledge of this field. Basically, the Copywriter will usually liaise with the Art Director to come up with a general concept upon receiving the creative brief. The AD will handle the visual direction while the Copywriter handles the textual content (headlines, body copy, call to action). Sometimes the clients would’ve already had their own ideas but it’s the responsibility of the Copywriter to ensure if the text is 1) in-line with what the client wants 2) one is most effective in influencing the mindset of consumers.

      Oh, these aren’t photographed! They are created with Photoshop :-)

  4. thanks so much for being a patient person again :)

    oh how do you create them? did you draw from scratch or get the backdrop from somewhere? :)

    1. Sorry for the late reply!

      I used brushes to create the watercolor effect and then the text tool for text creation :-)

  5. hi victoria i think i left a comment on another post but sorry maybe can follow up here! how do you create the patch/blotch effect? :) sorry for bothering!!!

  6. Hi!!

    So sorry for the late reply! Think I'll answer all my Photoshop FAQs in a post instead cos I wanna make sure I explain them properly and not do a slipshod job at it :-)

    I'll post when I get the time to because I've been really busy lately!

    Watch out for it ;-)