v. to become radiant; e.g. i bloom with sunlight, freedom and a spark of imagination.

Monday blues are easily conquered with homemade lunches and light-hearted conversations. Got out of bed at 7 to prepare my lunch feast: Scrambled eggs on beef on toast, and raspberries and grapes to make up for the last food group. Yum. I’m a big believer in starting your week right, and food is the key to my heart -sheepish smile-

Friends will know that I live for spontaneity and variety. As such, I’ve lined up a couple of exciting events for this week! Think “The Fault In Our Stars”, an afternoon of sitting in front of a canvas, and trampolines *\o/* Am a fan of John Green and reliving my childhood days so I think this week will probably be my favourite one yet. (In terms of activities of course. I have many favourite weeks.)

Inspiration for the title came from the song that was playing on loop in my head this morning (and the past few days). Everybody, Bloom by The Paper Kites. 

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