n. the ability to tell yourself that everything’s going to be okay |

I don’t believe that one could ever get used to sadness. It’s not an experience where you can learn from and simply become accustomed to, for the mere fact that sadness comes when you least expect it. 

One’s quickness in recovery, however, is something different altogether. It stems from how we adapt to sadness and develop (not immunity but) our  strength in overcoming setbacks. 

Your years of existence have seen you through times when you were a child so full of hope and wonder, when you were a teen experiencing independence for the very first time, when you were a heartbroken youth left disappointed with all these unfulfilled expectations, and finally now an adult - viewing the world with a lens of skepticism and yet, still harbouring the hope that everything will get better; if not now, eventually. These added experiences have equipped you with the tools to fix every nail that has been wrenched out and has left behind a gaping hole. The walls that are pristine and are recoated with white wash every time there is a blemish are not the ones I love best. The walls I love are filled with posters pasted randomly and then torn carelessly and replaced with newer ones, stained with graffiti and signed with the artists’ names, decaying from the accumulation of erosion and time. So while not every gaping hole can be mended, it’s these scars that make the heart so beautiful and rich with memories - both good and bad - and far more alive than the monotonous “lub dub”s that provide a drone to our everyday lives. 

I am more than grateful for all these experiences that have left me down and out. I guess if not for these prior moments that’ve led to private horror movie marathons/ binges on Hershey’s white chocolate/ quoting these sad Pablo Neruda poems or passages from Why We Broke Up, I would never have been able to bounce back as quickly from current disappointments, nor would I have been able to appreciate the joy in small things like receiving smiles from strangers around school and achieving significant main effects/mediator and moderator relationships for a lab research study ^^ 

While you can’t get rid of the horrible feelings that come along with sadness, I can guarantee that you will get better and better at coping with them.

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