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Another moment captured in my memory bank: watching the plane leave the runway into a sky full of stars while listening to ‘Transatlanticism’. 
"i need you so much closer"
Ben Gibbard echoes for 12 times before hitting the climatical “so come on… closer”. as i replayed the song on my ipod while the plane left the troposphere, i felt the past 15 days replay over and over again in my head and the prospect of leaving Paris and returning to a more familiar setting left me feeling so bittersweet. (still does). i guess i knew i wasn’t just leaving the pretty cobblestoned streets i enjoyed getting lost in, or the lovely apartment in Amsterdam that i adored the most. 
I’m nonetheless thankful for this opportunity to fulfil this wanderlust.
"it may not have been what we expected but it was still good for what it was."

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