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Pictures from Camp Symmetry '13
2 November | 12pm - 12am
The Meadow@Gardens by the Bay

"Attend a music festival - even if there are bands you have never heard of" 
I guess that's another item crossed off the bucket list! (... sort of counts since I actually only listened to two of the bands prior to the event; not actually an indie-rock or -rock kind of person, ha ha) The set list was really quite amazing with bands from different parts of the world - Europe, America, and Australia:  

  1. Veronica Falls 
  2. Last Dinosaurs 
  3. San Cisco
  4. Wild Nothing
  5. William Fitzsimmons
  6. Ra Ra Riot
  7. Best Coast
  8. The Cribs
  9. Mew
  10. Explosions in the Sky
(You may read up about the bands here: Camp Symmetry Bands Biographies)

Especially loved how the event was modelled after Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom, one of my favourites in terms of its visual aesthetics. It had everything a 21st century camper could dream of; think bouncy castles, beer pong, good music, and well-dressed hipsters who weren't bad looking at all ;) 

So two days prior to the event, I didn't even think that I would be able to attend Camp Symmetry. But with a little bit of luck, Dayna and I were able to secure tickets the night before and before we knew it, we were making our way to Singapore's second indie music festival. Came to the event wanting to listen to William Fitzsimmons' and Explosions in the Sky's sets the most, but was very pleasantly surprised by Last Dinosaur, San Cisco, The Cribs and Mew's performances. As I mentioned, I'm not into the whole -rock scene but I must admit that that genre of music provides the best soundtrack to dance to (Had no idea what to do at The XX concert even though their music was out of this world). Last Dinosaurs was the first band we heard and I was instantly charmed by the lead singer who had the cutest hair, and I later googled and found out that his name is Sean Caskey. What a total indie-heartthrob ♥. On the train to Bayfront, Dayna had me listen to a few of San Cisco's songs so that I would know what I was in for and I'm really glad she did because I found myself screaming "FREAK OUT, FREAK OUT" and "dadadadadadadadadada dadadadadadadada dodododododo" when Stella and Awkward came on. And even though I didn't know most of their songs, I squeezed all the way to the front (despite all the mud and spilt beer) and stood there with a bunch of sweaty people throughout the whole set and bobbed along to all their songs (Y) William Fitzsimmons was even more awesome live and definitely a change from all the loud and upbeat songs from before. So in love with his voice-that-doesn't-match-his-face and of course that beard of his which always comes up as a topic. Oh and also, he's a self-proclaimed Amish-terrorist. Managed to record all of his songs but due to restrictions on Vimeo, only I Don't Feel it Anymore's up on my page and you can view it below: 

By this time, my feet were so sore from standing for hours and I probably smelt like mud and spilled beer so we decided that we'd head over to my place to shower and get the car. (In retrospect, this was a great idea because I came back smelling good again + didn't have to worry about getting a ride home later) I can imagine people screaming at me when they've heard that I'd missed Ra Ra Riot and Best Coast because I'm sure they were phenomenal as well. But hey, you can't have everything. Did NOT expect The Cribs to be so intense: The lead singer Ryan Jarman was jumping all over the stage, kicking down his mic, throwing himself at the crowd, and finally hurling his guitar not once but twice towards the back of the stage, and midway Ross Jarman stood up while rocking the drum set and threw his sticks towards the fans who were just so crazy-intoxicated from beer and music. All part of the indie-rock music festival experience yeah! Sat down on our picnic mat during Mew and Explosions in the Sky's performance, tired out from the day. Could definitely feel mudwater seeping through the mat (again, all part of the music festival experience) but it didn't stop me from enjoying the last two sets. Left Gardens that night feeling the best I've felt for the longest of time and I don't think 'happy' could encompass how I was pre/during/post-concert. All I can say is, who's up for Phoenix and Laneway next year? 

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