n. to be in a state of half-closed eyes, fuzzy vision; traversing between dreams and reality |

(Wednesday’s wear;  #killercitystyle)
I’m so glad for odd-week Thursdays where I get an off day from school. Currently at the SMU library waiting for Liz to be done with her mid terms~ Supposed to be studying for my Social Cognition paper tomorrow but the remnants of yesterday’s sweater weather have put me in a state of slothliness (a sorry excuse for being a lazy oaf). 6/7 more weeks till the end of the semester and till I fly off to BKK (& other small spontaneous trips to Manila/Ho Chi Minh/Jakarta) :) I guess anywhere is fine as long as there’s opportunity for travel and with travel comes food/culture/landscape (Y) 
On a side note, my parents will be flying off to Europe for 10 days next week (think Amsterdam and Italy). I hope they bring home my Amsterdam Clipper and Prosciutto, heh. 

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