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What a relaxing Monday it has been. 
Ended my internship with CIMB Bank last Friday. Although it was only for a short while, I felt myself choking up on goodbyes and “all the best with your future endeavors” (probably with the knowledge that i might never meet these people again). I learnt a lot during those 5 weeks with the bank, and did things I never thought I could, seeing how I don’t have any background in Banking or Finance (I major in Psychology), and left feeling richer in my pockets (lol), in knowledge, and in life. Waking up at 7 every morning has been no easy feat, and admittedly there were days I spent in the office scrolling through endless pages , but I regret nothing. 
Celebrated the end of my working life with The XX at The Star Performing Arts Centre. 

 Was so so happy when “Fiction” and “Islands” came on (my favourites from their ‘Coexist’ and ‘xx’ albums respectively) and 2 days later I’m still looping the two albums on my speakers (closest i can get to the concert experience). Loved how Jamie’s beats were so in sync with the strobe lights and that on top of Oliver and Romy’s heartfelt singing made for the best finale to my 2013 summer vacation :) 
One week more to the start of school and I’m ready to let go of all the unpleasantness of summer and remember, instead, the ones that remind me of the fullness of life the joy of feeling so alive. 

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